How to use to get auto like on facebook ?

First go to

then you can watch the video on how to use hublaa liker

then go to hublaa

click on the first link and allow app on facebook .then click on second link and get the access token to get fb likes . then submit the access token and press login . after you press login you will be logged in to hublaa liker . then use the auto liker from hublaa and press submit on where you need likes on facebook

Effective ways to make money blogging

People see other bloggers making money online and start a blog to make money but they fail to make money becuase they don’t know how to make money online . Before you are know to make money from your blog you should keep this in mind

Traffic is money

more traffic you have the chance that you make money . So how to make money from your blog ? these are some ways that you can make money with your blog

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Adsense
  • Selling ad space
  • Product Review
  • Selling Products
  • giving Services
  • get paid to write
  • Memeber ship ( pay to see content )

Making money from Affiliate Marketing 


Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online if you look at most of the blogs who make money online are the best affiliate marketer . You can sell  products like webhosting , amazon products and other tools that will help people . There are many website just based on this aiming to make money . These kind of blogs are making lots of money

Pros of Affiliate marketing

you can make make lots of money as an affiliate marketer  . There is no limit in the number of products that you can choose to sell but the limitation comes depending on which type of blog your are on .

Cons of Affiliate marketing

Its not like ads you can’t get money per clicks . You only make money per sale . Conversion is most important when you are an affiliate marketer . You may even have to implement many techniques to make money

Adsense by  google


Adsense is a ad network by google in my opinion adsense will help to increase your income because they show the most relevant ads to the people who visit your website so the click on ads will increase .

I don’t like adsense with blog like mine . Adsense suits for blogs like fashion blog , tech news blogs and other blogs who has millions of pages views monthly but still there are many people who make money from adsense but i like affiliate marketing more than adsense  .

Selling ad spaces to make money


You can sell ads space on your blog there is no money loss in this because there is no middle dealer . Once i saw the rate to place an ad on john chow’s blog it was 1000$ per month thats really nice cash if you think so .Selling ad space is very difficult not because you can’t place ads it because there is 5% chance that you will get someone to pay you to show their ads . If you get ad orders like this you are successful at that point . Someone will only pay you if you have targeted audience and your audience is worth the money they spend . Showing income reports on your blog will help you to get advertisers for your blog .

Make money by writing Reviews


You can review some product by doing partnership with companies you make sure that you have enough traffic and the product that you choose to sell can be sold online . what you have to do is take a product and review about it send email to your audience say that the product is how it feels like and tell them to buy it through your affiliate this will help you to make money .

Making money Selling products


You can make lots of money selling your own products because people have high tendency to try to things . You can even link and affiliate program to your product to increase sales . You have to be careful about the things that you are selling because some products might bring loss to you .

Which product will be sold so that you can make money ?

If you are on a tech blog or a blog which teach about things you can choose things like themes , plugins , online tools . There are example of things that you can use to promote , sell and make money .

Getting paid to Provide services


You can make money by providing services to your website visitors by providing them with seo services , wordpress setup , hosting transfer , cpanel installation , helping to make a online website or helping them to make their online business a success . You might not believe this there are people making thousands of dollars just doing this .

Get paid to write


If you like writing for others you can make money writing for others . There are many online market where you can sell your article and make money or you can even use social medias and get connected with people and ask them if they need ready made post about something i have seen lots of people ordering and selling articles .

Digital Ocean Review pros and cons of DigitalOcean

In Short : DigitalOcean is a Cloud web hosting service provider that you can use to deploy apps of your own . Developers of all apps will love digitalocean because there is nothing that you couldn’t do on Digital Ocean . This is a DigitalOcean review telling about the pros and cons . This is my personal experience with them . This post is copyrighted content by digitalocean review ( allowed to reproduce it by linking to it as credit )

NOTE : Digitalocean is unmanaged hosting what i meant is that its not managed or doesn’t have cpanel installed on it . Why is digitalocean like this ? It’s because digital ocean is intended for developers .

Pros of DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting

  • Servers All over the world
  • Best user experience
  • Super fast support
  • Fast Website loading
  • Affordable hosting
  • Simple one click deploy
  • Team accessibility
  • Pay per hour ( not months not annual )
  • Big community of server experts
  • No downtime

Cons of DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting

  • Sorry I couldn’t find one


Review of DigitalOcean Pricing

20$ Free click here to claim

Digital ocean is the best and affordable cloud hosting to host your website . pricing starts from 5$ to host your website which is an affordable hosting when compared to another cloud hosting . You can launch  most of the open source app in seconds . these are digital ocean pricing current now . when compared to other cloud hosting providers like amazon and google DigitalOcean gives much less price with more resources . you can see the pricing details right below.


Reliable cloud hosting

If you  consider other cloud hosting providers they are either too expensive or the dashboard to control the app is confusing but when you are on digital ocean then every process is fast . I downloaded a file straight to the server and the speed was about 30 Mb per second which is pretty much fast considering to other cloud hosting providers .

Up time

If we consider the uptime they has about 100% up time and your business won’t be affected by the downtime . I launched a WordPress website with jetpack enabled and I never got the site downtime .

Website load speed

As they have servers all over the world the load time of the server is really fast . You can launch servers all over the world so hosting on digitalocean will also boost your local SEO.

Dedicated ip

As any other cloud hosting you will also get a dedicated ip but digitalocean is special because they have servers all over the world and if you host in us you get a us ip and if you host in india you get indian ip .


you can attach storage from 1 Gb to 16 TB storage and add upto 16,000 GB extra with you cloud which is pretty much good . The price range starts from $0.10 to $1600 according to your need .


Do i Recommend DigitalOcean ?

Yes , I love digitalocean because i am also a developer , i use digitalocean to deploy droplet and it helps me save a lot of money because i can deploy a app on the cloud for a single day and all i can destroy the droplet i only get charged for what i have used so other money stay there . I can change my environment from time to time as i like . If i just to run on linux , centos , redhat or whatever i need i can do it by myself and the support is so fast that is really important from a webhosting company .

Things that i saw best in them

  • Fast support
  • Best user experience
  • Highly flexible

I recommend Digitalocean to you If you need to get started with digitalOcean i will give you 20$ as a startup cash click here on this link but you will only get this after you add 5$ to your account so you will have total or 25$ in your account in the end . You have to add the money just for the verification because it to prevent spam . So goahead and signup here 

GetResponse Review Email marketing GetResponse Pros and cons

In short : GetResponse is a leading Email marketing tool that is used by many internet marketers This is a detailed  GetResponse review which is an awesome tool which is have tried about for a month . This review will contain the pros and cons of Getresponse . GetResponse is one of the competitor of Aweber and i have seen many people like me ( Bloggers ) switching to Getresponse . Lets get started with the detailed review of GetResponse

Original content here : GetResponse review


 Pros of  GetResponse

  • 30 days free trail ( no credit or debit card needed )
  • Unlimited messages
  • Tracking email
  • Google analytics integration
  • Better dashboard
  • Email importer
  • Best customer support
  • auto response
  • high conversion landing page
  • Email analytics
  • Easy form embeding
  • Free istock images

Click Here to Buy

Cons of GetResponse

  • Difficult while signup ( Lots of verification maybe to increase security )
  • No refund policy

GetResponse Pricing

Plans                                                        Email                  Pro                Max            Enterprice

  • 1,000 subscribers:                                  $12.75                 Null               Null            Null
  • 2,500 subscribers:                                  $21.25                 Null               Null            Null
  • 5,000 subscribers:                                  $38.25              $41.65             Null            Null
  • 10,000 subscribers:                                $55.25              $63.75           $140.25       Null
  • 25,000 subscribers:                                $123.25            $140.25         $216.75       Null
  • 50,000 subscribers:                                $212.50            $238              $314.50      Null
  • 100,000 subscribers:                              $382.50           $416.50         $493           $679

 Difference between plans

There are many difference in plan the most important thing that you should consider when buying this is that webinars is only included in the pro plan so If you are planning to do webinar make sure that you get the pro plan.

Features of  GetResponse

  • Marketing automation
  • Responsive email design
  • Best Forms
  • Beautiful landing page
  • Webinars
  • Type testing
  • Auto response
  • Drag and drop email creator
  • Email conversion tracking
  • Email list importer
  • recipients inbox preview


Marketing Automation

This will help you turn your subscribers into customers and you can trigger what ever when ever you need it to be do not loose your customer because you didn’t use GetResponse

Responsive Email design

You will have responsive email design so that it will adapt its size according to the screen size from now you don’t have to worry about which device the person is using to view the email .


Best Conversion Forms

They are not just simple form they have more conversion than you can ever imagine . Turn your visitors into subscribers .


GetResponse has different kinds of forms that is adaptable upto your need you can use it change it according to your need

Here is an example of a Email form that i have setup using GetResponse



High conversion Landing page

They are not just landing pages these pages can bring you conversion . Why this is possible ? this landing pages are categorized into different depending on how those pages gave result in the past . These landing pages are used by many internet marketers because they know that it will bring them conversion instead just being a landing page .


If you want to conduct webinar this is the best thing that you will need to remind the enrolled people right before when its about to start so this is a nice feature because when they forget this can remind them of getting to your webinar on time .



Type testing

Type testing is a method by which the internet marketers using Getresponse try out different method to different people . This is mainly for experimental purposes


You can use autoresponder to respond automatically which time you want it to be send , when something is clicked , mail is opened , got a new subscriber , Reached a goal and even you can send birthday wishes to your subscribers wow that’s a nice way to show your care for your subscribers .


Email creator

You don’t have to be a pro in html css or any programming stuff to make a beautiful email because with getresponse drag and drop email creator you can make beautiful email templates very easily . This will help you to get more conversion than usual .


Email Intelligence

Getresponse will help you to optimize your campaign . You can track when your email is opened which all emails that you have send have been viewed . This will help you to understand your inactive user , active users and take actions per needed . you can also get reports of your conversion in graphs  .This includes automated reports , interactive graphs performance chart that are easy to understand .

Contacts Importer

This feature will allow you to import contacts from gmail , aweber and any where you can ever imagine .


Inbox preview

Preview what your email will look like when your subscriber receive in their inbox getresponse will show you previews in most of the all popular email services like , yahoo mail , gmail , live , hotmail and many more so you can change and optimize this accordingly

 Do I recommend to you ?

Yes , I recommend GetResponse to you because i have used it and have completely analyzed the outcome of this great email marketing tool If you want to buy it i will say go ahead and try it . Click here to buy it through my affiliate link with a secret discount price exclusively for BlogFreak readers

Does site age matters in google ranking ?

Does google consider website age to rank in the search engine ? This has been asked by many webmasters .

Yes , google consider site age when ranking on search engine how did i find this answer ? In a video mat cutts says that there is no difference for a website that is six months old and one year old if you think about it you can say that the site age does matter in the search engine result .

What happens when the site gets old ?

Some of the things that happen when the site get old is that

  • Backlinks increase
  • Domain authority increases
  • Google trust increase

There are many things that increases when your site gets old  . Just buying the domain and keeping it won’t help much . If you have hosted your website somewhere and it is up and running then this will help you , why ?

As your website was up for many years google will think that indexing this website won’t be a waste and this website will be there up and running for long .

How to increase facebook link post reach and get traffic ?

Have you ever noted that when you post a link to your website on your facebook page your post gets less reach . Do you know why ? facebook don’t like you posting links to your website because when you someone click on the post they goes out of facebook which result in traffic drop for facebook . Facebook knows the thing that TRAFFIC IS MONEY So they will try to reduce this by decreasing the post reach which only has links like this one

you should never post like this because it will always give you less reach and traffic from facebook . so how to increase facebook post reach and get traffic 

The best way to increase facebook post reach is to include image and a post link just like this


A post with an image directly uploaded to facebook will give more boost because the facebook algorithm is made to boost images . Now try this yourself and if it worked out for you please comment below

List of top working facebook auto liker website

This is a list of few auto liker website that i tried and found working i have a personal auto liker website that i have made to learn the working of the website and in a mission to learn php so i will be including my website in the list because it is working and spam free auto liker  website .

What is auto liker website ?

A auto liker website is a website that automatically likes on users instruction . You can get likes as per it is needed .

how does auto liker website works ?

when someone use auto liker website they just collect something called access token . Access token is stored and send likes when needed .

What is access token ?

access token is just a permission or like your facebook password ( not really ) but the access token has limited permission just to like , comment share stuff

List of facebook auto liker website to increase likes

Fb likes

Fb likers is also a good auto liker website you can get about 1000 likes per submit


hublaa auto liker  you can use it with full trust . It is build spending with many days work . i would appreciate if you take a look at that .




This is a new website that is also known as auto like and auto liker . I will try to add login with email and facebook id in some months



Hostgator Shared hosting review

Hostgator is one of the leading and the best web hosting provider . They are trusted by millions of users from all over the world and has been the most supportive customer care ever . This is a legitimate review on Hostgator shared hosting pack . I will tell about the pros and cons and what makes HostGator suitable for your business . I should say that HostGator is my personal favorite hosting provider and I have been using HostGator for past 1 year so this is also my personal experience with them

Is Hostgator shared hosting  for you ?

Short bytes :  Yes , If you are planning to host a website with 2k page views per day  Hostgator is best for you


  • Host single website
  • One-click script installs ( eg : WordPress )
  • Unmetered bandwidth ( not unlimited )
  • Adwords and bing credits
  • 45 days money back guaranty
  • Affordable

Host a single website 

you can only host a single website it’s always better to have an extra place to host another website because you will get more resources and will have more space when compared to hosting . You might not know when you will be in need to host another website .

One-click script installs


You can get WordPress and other cms installed very easily just in some clicks . If you are a new blogger or a person who don’t know the server side all you have to do is just buy from HostGator and in some clicks, you can install your favorite content management system there are so many that you can choose .

Unmetered bandwidth 

unmetered bandwidth

It’s not unlimited bandwidth it’s unmetered . There is a problem here which is when you’re  using the high bandwidth they will ban you . You don’t have to worry about that because they claim that no one has ever used that much bandwidth . You don’t have to worry about this because when you use bandwidth more than what is provided by them they will mail you to reduce the use .

Cpanel – easy control panel


You will get the ultimate Cpanel to manage all your resources . You can get access to all your resource in just one place . Cpanel is the best server management software and most user-friendly . If you want to try Cpanel that is provided by HostGator you can go to the below link and test it out and see if you will like it.

45 days money back guarantee 

45 days money back

This is the best thing about Hostgator if you buy the hosting and your try and use it for 43 days and you can still cancel it and get a full refund of your money back . They will never say anything or delay the payment . So even if you buy and try the hosting for a month and cancel it there is no problem

CLICK HERE to buy from them and get a discount and 45 days money back


99.9% uptime

BlogFreak is currently hosted on hostgator i have never ever experienced slow loading or downtime for my website i used jetpack to check this and i never found any downtime reported by them . This is the best hosting for wordpress that i have ever tried . I would recommend hostgator if you want no downtime for your website .


If you consider the other prices you can see that hostgator offers low price than other hosting provider and provides good service why ? Because this is that one company that is dedicated to hosting . They has millions of customer and they know how to manage the servers for them . The pricing is really promising that you will be tempted to buy this good service from them .

Don’t forget they have 45 days money back so why don’t you go ahead and try hostgator shared plan Click here to get 60% off and 45 days money back if you don’t like . Does it hurt to try ?

Bluehost Shared Hosting Review

While hosting over 2 million websites over the web, Bluehost had acheived its position among the top 10 web hosting companies in the world. It is a very popular web hosting company in the web hosting sphere. If not the most popular shared hosting company on Earth but still among the top 10.

Who is Bluehost ?

Bluehost first came into existence in 1996 offering only shared hosting till 2000. It was founded under the shades of Matt Heaton, who was the CEO from 1996-2011. As from 2011 till the present moment Bluehost is operated by Dan Handy, CEO of Bluehost.

After getting huge success with shared hosting, it further expanded it services. Now it have started offering hosting services like VPS, dedicated servers, and managed WordPress hosting.

Pros(+) of choosing Bluehost

After doing pretty good research we are finally able to bring out the Pros and Cons of Bluehost which you must surely go through.

#1 Official WordPress.Org Recommendation Host

Recently WordPress official site, updated its list of the Top 3 Web Hosting Company. But this time along with SiteGround and DreamHost, BlueHost too earned its spot which makes it look quite trusted.

#2 Strong and Reliable Uptime of 99.91% over last 12 months

After doing some tests from past 12 month we finally arrived to the conclusion that yes Bluehost can be the one you must choose in terms of Uptime. Out of the whole year experiment we found out only 4 hours of downtime which is quite impressive.

With most number of attacks on February 2016, mainly DDos attack towards its servers. It still maintained a quite impressive Uptime of average 99.90% which is pretty good considering the attacks in hand.

#3 Awesome Security Options

Bluehost security options are good, offering tools that combat some of the most common website hijacks.

You can prevent spam with various tools that are offered by Bluehost like Spam Expert, SpamAssassin, Spam Hammer. They support CloudFare too, which helps you prevent the most harmful DDoS attacks that can bring your site down in few minutes with different Bots traffic.

Beside they also offer hot link protection( preventing people from stealing your images and content), IP address blacklists to blovk problematic individuals and SSH access for secure web sessions.

#4 Many Integrations and Apps

Bluehost comes with a dashboard full of different applications so that you can integrate various services, like Google Apps and CloudFare to increase your Site possibilities.

#5 One Click Installation

The change which helped Bluehost to get more clients to their company was this features of “One-Click Installation”. Yes, now Bluehost is offer one click installation over various platfrom like WordPress, Joombla and much more. This made it more easier for people to setup their Websites.

#6 Low Price Range

If you are look for cheap but reliable web hosting then Bluehost can be the one. Because it one of the most inexpensive hosting company out in the Market. Though it’s not the cheapest as compared to other hosts, but it is okay with the service it offers.

Bluehost shared hosting comes in 3 packages. They are as listed below


Yea, now you can say it’s quite healthy with the services it’s offering.

Cons(-) of choosing Bluehost

If you search around the web then you would hardly find any cons as the globe is full of the affiliate marketer, and am too. But let me make one thing very clear that yes we are here to earn through affiliation but not by boasting over any company. We will dig out every thing in front of your eyes so that you can get a crystal clear idea of the companies we review.

#1 Customer Support is not so pleasing

We all know it’s not easy to handle 2 million sites in the same space but once you are handling you must equally expand your supports too.

Waiting for over 30 minutes to get a single reply does that sound really good? No, it doesn’t! This is not said only by testing their support for 1 or 2 times rather we are saying after testing its support over 10 times. But the thing which made us write this con was that all the 13 times it took over 30 minutes to respond. Even our experience showed the long delay between curt responses( rendering their support almost useless).

Or maybe unluckily we were dealing with poor agents!

However, one positive thing which we made out of this con is that they have plenty of videos on their YouTube Channel. So if you find delayed in support then you can head over to their YouTube Channel which may come to your rescue.

#2 Slow Page Loading Time

Here where it really Hurts.

After doing a lot of experiment we finally got a bunch of results which was really not satisfactory. It’s dismal 1,275ms load times came in below the average 850ms from our other hosting reviews.

But does speed really matter?

Absolutely it does! Every single second has its value. And In the recent report, it was found out that Google noticed up to 25% drop down in traffic due to a delay of just 0.5 sec. Now am pretty sure you can imagine how website speed matter.

Slow loading website not only hurts user experience but decrease the profit margins too. Though with Bluehost it’s not the worst but could be even better.

From the past few months, it’s drastically declining its client’s page load time. But I still personally believe it can improve their service still now.

#3 Site Migrations cost you bad

Leaving Bluehost aside for few minutes. We found out most of the web hosts were happy to help you move an existing site from it’s current location to their service.

But this is not the same with Bluehost as they charge a wholesome amount of $149.99 for migration. And even with this amount, they will not transfer more than 5 sites and 20 email accounts.

#4 Not really Unlimited

Unlike many hosting providers that go on boosting to provide unlimited hosting which of course is not the complete truth. And Bluehost is also of no difference as compared to this.

If you have a glance at their T&C then you will get to know the ugly truth. There it is clearly mentioned “We at Bluehost don’t provide anything Unlimited” which may seem shocking but it the truth.

The TL;DR version don’t go over 3GB of database usage or exceed 1,000 databases or they might terminate your account. With even any notice beforehand!
#5 Price though cheap but is in Haziness

Yes, of course, Bluehost is cheap.

But wait is it really cheap? Well, that depends on your financial condition.

Yea lets break this out.

Their so-called “Super-low introductory rate” of only 3.49$ a month comes with few not attached to its back. Namely, three-year contract.

Yea, if you wanna start with only 1-year plan the price suddenly jumps of 4.95$ per month.

And if you are thinking to buy for 2 or 4 months then forget about Bluehost.

This will surely hurt you, even more, when I say you the 12-month plan renewal cost is 8.99$ per month.


Bluehost provides three shared hosting options to choose from.

Note: You need to pay for three years if you wanna enjoy hosting with the same price as mentioned below. And will cost you more if you choose a short duration plan.

Basic Plan: For $3.49 per month you get one web site max with 50 GB of disk Space and so-called ‘unlimited’ bandwidth. You also get 5 E-mail accounts with a maximum storage of 100MB each.

Plus Plan: For $5.95 per month you get to host a maximum of 10 websites along with 150 GB storage and so-called ‘Unlimited’ bandwidth. You also get 100 E-mails account of 500MB each.

Business Pro plan: The last and the largest plan, the “Business Pro Plan” comes with $13.95 per month rate providing you with so-called ‘Unlimited’ bandwidth. Along with unlimited email account and websites to host.

Should you go with Bluehost?

If you are choosing Bluehost to host simple hobby blog or personal site then its a great idea to go with Bluehost. As they are cheap, reliable and easy to get started with.

Wait, are you going to choose Bluehost for Commercial or Business purpose? Then I would say No, don’t go with it.

Because their poor customer support and slow page speed put it below other available alternatives.

And if you truly want a fast, reliable hosting service with decent uptime and good customer support then have a look at Inmotion or DreamHost.

It’s time for you to speak

Have you ever used Bluehost? What’s your views regarding it? Do let us know in the comment box below